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法緣佛教文物有限公司 Save Earth Trading Sdn Bhd
98, Jalan Sultanah,
83000 Batu Pahat,
Johor, Malaysia.


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紫羅蘭念珠 6mm*108(G0264)

紫羅蘭念珠 8mm*108(G0256)

檜木手珠 15mm (G0273)

血龍木手珠 20mm(G0272)

血龍木手珠 18mm(G0271)

RM 100.00Add to CartRM 140.00Add to CartRM 50.00Add to CartRM 130.00Add to CartRM 110.00Add to Cart

血龍木手珠 15mm(G0270)

梢楠木念珠 1.2cm*108(G0208)

梢楠木念珠 1.4cm*108(G0207)

越南 . B 級沉香念珠 8mm*108(G0231)

純真老山念珠 16mm*108(G0243)

RM 85.00Please call inRM 90.00Add to CartRM 100.00Add to CartRM 480.00Add to CartRM 4,320.00Add to Cart

純真老山念珠 14mm*108 (G0242)

綠檀念珠 1.5cm*108(G0163)

純正老山檀念珠 14mm*108(G0205)

108 純正老山檀念珠 10mm*108(G0203)

祖傳手工特制藥珠 6mm*108(G0240)

RM 3,780.00Add to CartRM 25.00Please call inRM 1,725.00Add to CartRM 875.00Add to CartRM 160.00Add to Cart

檜木念珠 16mm*108(G0247)

梢楠木念珠 0.6cm*108(G0211)

天然雲石念珠 0.8cm*108(G0222)

梢楠木念珠 1.0cm*108(G0209)

純真老山念珠 10mm*108(G0241)

RM 360.00Add to CartRM 60.00Add to CartRM 35.00Add to CartRM 186.00Add to CartRM 1,080.00Please call in

純正老山檀念珠 12mm*108(G0204)

紫羅蘭手珠 15mm(G0266)

越南 . C 級沉香手珠 8mm(G0229)

虎皮木手珠 1.4mm(G0252)

纯真老山手珠 14mm(G0245)

RM 1,380.00Add to CartRM 109.00Add to CartRM 400.00Add to CartRM 105.00Add to CartRM 560.00Add to Cart

紫羅蘭蓮花手珠 1.2cm(G0260)

紫羅蘭手珠 14mm(G0253)

檜木手珠 1.4mm(G0249)

梢楠沉水手珠 16mm(G0259)

梢楠木手珠 14mm(G0248)

RM 220.00Add to CartRM 80.00Add to CartRM 50.00Add to CartRM 1,088.00Add to CartRM 45.00Add to Cart
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