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法緣佛教文物有限公司 Save Earth Trading Sdn Bhd
98, Jalan Sultanah,
83000 Batu Pahat,
Johor, Malaysia.


1台尺 . 彩繪地藏菩薩(C0921)

8.8台吋 . 石金坐自在地藏王菩薩(C0593)

3.5台吋 . 紫砂金坐地藏王菩薩(C0432)



RM 1,360.00Please call inRM 560.00Add to CartRM 68.00Add to CartRM 2,760.00Add to CartRM 1,960.00Add to Cart

8.8台吋 . 彩繪描金地藏王菩薩(C1007)

7.5台吋 . 石金地藏菩薩(C0463)

1台尺 . 石金金剛座地藏王菩薩(C0896)

1尺3石 . 石頭色描金坐蓮花地藏王菩薩(C0859)

8.8台吋 . 淡彩金剛座地藏菩薩(C0729)

RM 800.00Add to CartRM 240.00Add to CartRM 1,040.00Please call inRM 1,440.00Add to CartRM 720.00Add to Cart

1台尺 . 彩繪立姿地藏菩薩(C1050)

7台吋 . 彩繪自在地藏菩薩(C1016)

1台尺 . 石金立姿地藏王菩薩(C0522)

8.8台吋 . 石金金剛座地藏王菩薩(C0519)

7.5台吋 . 石金自在地藏王菩薩(C0417)

RM 920.00Add to CartRM 360.00Please call inRM 660.00Add to CartRM 660.00Add to CartRM 240.00Please call in

8.8台吋 . 石金坐蓮花地藏王菩薩(C0415)

3.5台吋 . 石金立姿地藏王(C1121)

3.5台吋 . 彩繪自在地藏(C1012)

4台吋 . 石金金剛座地藏(C0950)

3.5台吋 . 石金自在地藏王菩薩(C0583)

RM 620.00Add to CartRM 68.00Please call inRM 132.00Add to CartRM 112.00Add to CartRM 68.00Add to Cart

3.5台吋 . 彩繪地藏王菩薩(C0995)

RM 132.00Add to Cart    

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