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法緣佛教文物有限公司 Save Earth Trading Sdn Bhd
98, Jalan Sultanah,
83000 Batu Pahat,
Johor, Malaysia.

拿拔 / 鑼 / 檔子


7臺吋 . 南紗(I0767)


9臺吋 . 鐘鑼(I0783)

9臺吋 . 拿鈸(I0770)

RM 23.00Add to CartRM 288.00Add to CartRM 84.00Add to CartRM 270.00Add to CartRM 371.00Add to Cart

9臺吋 . 康鑼(I0794)

9臺吋 . 南紗(I0773)

8臺吋 . 拿鈸(I0769)

8臺吋 . 南紗(I0774)

7臺吋 . 拿鈸(I0768)

RM 159.00Add to CartRM 322.00Add to CartRM 325.00Add to CartRM 266.00Add to CartRM 287.00Add to Cart

7臺吋 . 平鑼(I0789)

7臺吋 . 南紗(I0775)

5臺吋 . 拿鈸(I0778)

3.5臺吋 . 叫羅(I0785)

1尺2臺吋 . 斗鑼(I0798)

RM 178.00Add to CartRM 235.00Add to CartRM 126.00Add to CartRM 91.00Add to CartRM 682.00Add to Cart

1尺2臺吋 . 康鑼(I0796)

1尺2臺吋 . 平鑼(I0793)

1尺1臺吋 . 斗鑼(I0797)

12臺吋 . 鐘鑼(I0784)

12臺吋 . 康鑼(I0782)

RM 258.00Add to CartRM 392.00Add to CartRM 605.00Add to CartRM 252.00Add to CartRM 340.00Add to Cart

12臺吋 . 拿鈸(I0771)

12臺吋 . 康鑼(I0795)

12臺吋 . 平鑼(I0792)

12臺吋 . 南紗(I0772)

12臺寸 . 京鑼(I0787)

RM 469.00Add to CartRM 178.00Add to CartRM 217.00Add to CartRM 265.00Add to CartRM 250.00Add to Cart

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