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法緣佛教文物有限公司 Save Earth Trading Sdn Bhd
98, Jalan Sultanah,
83000 Batu Pahat,
Johor, Malaysia.


5吋 . 雙龍木鱼 . 本色( I1080)

7吋 . 桂蘭木魚(不含棉墊)(I0299)

3吋 . 黑檀雙魚木魚(不含棉墊)(I0292)

3吋 . 桂蘭木魚(不含棉墊)(I0294)

5吋 . 桂蘭木魚(不含棉墊)(I0297)

RM 520.00Add to CartRM 480.00Please call inRM 360.00Please call inRM 120.00Please call inRM 200.00Please call in

2.5吋 . 红木木鱼 C 雕(不含棉墊)(I0592)

3吋 . 红木木鱼 C 雕(不含棉墊)(I0593)

1.5吋 . 黑檀雙魚木魚(不含棉墊)(I0888)

4吋 . 红木木鱼 C 雕(不含棉墊)(I0977)


RM 250.00Please call inRM 350.00Add to CartRM 126.00Add to CartRM 1,000.00Add to CartRM 80.00Add to Cart

8吋 . 桂蘭木鱼(不含棉墊)(I0907)

2.5吋 . 桂蘭木魚 C 雕(不含棉墊)(I0293)

2.0吋 . 黑檀雙魚木魚(不含棉墊)(I0889)

15吋 . 桂蘭木魚(不含棉墊)(I0911)

12吋 . 桂蘭木魚(不含棉墊)(I0909)

RM 504.00Add to CartRM 100.00Please call inRM 216.00Add to CartRM 6,200.00Add to CartRM 3,300.00Add to Cart

2.5吋 . 黑檀雙魚木魚(不含棉墊)(I0290)

8吋 . 红木 A 雕木鱼(不含棉墊)(I0597)

5吋 . 花梨木 A 雕木魚(不含棉墊)(I0594)

4吋 . 桂蘭木魚(不含棉墊)(I0296)


RM 288.00Please call inRM 4,200.00Please call inRM 1,800.00Add to CartRM 160.00Please call inRM 30.00Please call in

6吋 . 樟木木魚(不含棉墊)(I0341)

5吋 . 樟木木魚(不含棉墊)(I0340)

12吋 . 樟木木魚(不含棉墊)( I0345)

10吋 . 樟木木魚(不含棉墊)( I0344)

5吋 . 雙龍木鱼 . 紅木色( I1060)

RM 120.00Please call inRM 72.00Please call inRM 960.00Add to CartRM 560.00Please call inRM 520.00Add to Cart

2.5吋 . 雙龍木鱼 . 本色(不含棉墊)( I1061)

18吋 . 紅木木魚(不含棉墊)(I0608)

16吋 . 紅木木魚(不含棉墊)( I0609)

RM 120.00Add to CartRM 3,800.00Add to CartRM 2,600.00Add to Cart  

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